The Sophie Washbags are perfect for every day use.  Not just the use for Makeup or toiletries but my daughter uses these as a pensil and craft bag.


The bag is perfect for a trip away too.


The fabric in and out are made of a Dry wax which makes it waterproof sturdy, strong and durable.


Here’s a little bit about the Oilskin fabric!

The best this is its environmentally friendly

Casual bags from Dry Oilskin are an absolute trend!

This is a stunning bag. Looks fantastic on the inside as it does on the outside.  

There is now a practical bag, Overall, this bag impresses with a classy and casual look. It offers plenty of space

The material impresses with its qualities of waterproofing, strength and durability.

Dry oilskin canvas has a long lifespan and beauty in its imperfections and rugged lived in look. Did I mention it’s environmentally friendly?

Please choose your colours carefully. If you would like to have two colours then message me. I’m afraid we can not do anymore than the two. 

Check out the colours for the bottom ( Oilskin)
choose the two options for the top fabric. Message me either White or Black

Come in 5 sizes

FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (Width x Height x Depth): 
Xsmall - 6¼ X 4 X 2
Small - 7¼ X 4½ X 2
Medium - 8¼ X 5½ X 2½
Large - 9¼ X 6 X 3 
Xlarge - 10¼ X 6½ X 3¼

The Sophie Travel Wash bags

Primary Colour

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