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Sustainable Handcrafted Yorkshire Fox Handbags

About Us



The Yorkshire Fox Handbags

Welcome to the Yorkshire Fox.  

Our goods are designed and mostly made by myself (Marti) a graduate from St Martins Fashion School in London. Our Products are made  in a small workshop in a small town in the heart of Yorkshire, Over the years from being a fashion designer of 15 years I have always enjoyed my passion of creating whether its jackets, dresses, shirts or bags my goal has always been to create something that is sustainable and something that will last and to bring our communities and industries working together.  Yorkshire Fox stands by a more traditional sustainable way of living by producing products to last. We care about quality, every step of the making process but most importantly the quality of the fabric.  We only use good quality products.



Leather is another one of our goals to reuse a product whenever we can and try to be as animal friendly as possible. Not all our leather is recycled but we try our best to maintain a sustainable approach.


About our products:

Everything we sell is handmade and fabrics are locally sourced from the uk.  With our products you can clearly see the difference from a handmade product. There is more texture, depth, detail and depth because of the loving hand touch we put to our craft. Exhibiting superior craftsmanship.   



Over 1300+ Complete work & Still counting​



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How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

Items are made to order, just for you. Check current production time & shipping options under the Shipping tab in each listing. Please note that international shipping times and tracking data vary for each country. While estimated shipping time for all countries is 6-10 days, delays do sometimes happen so we cannot guarantee delivery dates. Thanks for understanding!
Delivery is 3-5 days in the UK . 


Hours of operation?

Our team is scheduled weekdays from 9am to 5pm PST, with weekends off. Please be patient while waiting for a response to weekend messages. We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible once we're back in the workshop on Monday. But from time to time I will try and start creating your item as soon as possible and it has been known that I do this on a weekend.

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