Casual bags from Dry Oilskin are an absolute trend!This is a stunning bag. Looks fantastic on the inside as it does on the outside.There is now a practical carrier bag, which is large enough to quickly shop at the market, go to yoga, take to work and offer enough space for a picnic in the park. Best of all,Overall, this bag impresses with a classy and casual look. It offers plenty of spaceThe material impresses with its qualities of waterproofing, strength and durability.Dry oilskin canvas has a long lifespan and beauty in its imperfections and rugged lived in look.You can carry them in your hand, take them over your arm or wear them over your shoulder.The Handles are made of PU Vegan Leather, which are fixed to the Bag With Studs.The bag has a spacious inside pockets where keys, purses, Wallets, mobile and more can be stowed away.The Bag for daily Use.Material: 100% oil coated matte cotton fabric, inside and outside.The bag is a very high-quality waxed cotton fabric (Extreme Dry Oilskin) from a British noble brand.


Please carefully choose your colour and the size.

Bag comes with 26” vegan leather straps to match the fabric. You can either have this in your hand or wear it under your arm.


This bag can also come with an over the shoulder Vegan leather strap. Personally I love this It’s a great option. However it does bump up the price an extra £22. The straps are really good quality expensive, but it dies give this an extra quality and look. Without the over the shoulder strap it’s still a perfect bag. It’s just a matter of preference.

You can also choose to have a magnetic fastener on the bag too for an extra 

You can also add a zip for extra security. Visit upgrade section for other options. Or just drop me a message.


If the item is not on the list then it means we are out of stock. But not to worry as we have lots of this coming in regularly Just drop me a message and I can let you know when it’s next in stock.

The real thing – best quality oilskin made in the UK, finished to age and wear beautifully.

Not washable but can be re-oiled.

Green Waxed Canvas Bag, Canvas Bag, Canvas Bag, Shoulder Bag, Shopper, Handbag

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Strap & Closure

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