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WAXED CANVAS CARE Our bags are made to be worn well and used well - so we hope that you see the scuffs, scrapes and the odd bit of dirt as part of the ever evolving character of your bag. However from time to time you may want to give your bag a gentle clean or re-wax so below are a few steps to help you along the way.

To Clean: It is always best to clean off dirt with a stiff brush when the bag is dry. However you can also use a damp soap free cloth to help clean off stubborn areas of dirt or stains. Avoid using washing powder and soap on the bag as this is likely to affect and remove some of the fabric's wax coating. Never machine wash or dry-clean your bag.

To Re-Wax: Over time, and dependant on how frequently you use your bag, the wax coating applied to the canvas in the factory will gradually wear away. But do not fret! Part of the beauty of waxed canvas goods is that you can re-wax your bag time and time again, to give it a fresh look and extend it's serviceable life for many years to come. There are a number of wax products available that can all be used in a similar way to re-wax your goods (Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing among others), however as a preference we would suggest using Otter Wax - hard to find but the only non-petroleum based natural wax out there. The waxes are generally applied by rubbing gently into the fabric, taking particular care to get the wax well into the seams. Some products suggest using a hairdryer or a little heat to help 'melt' the wax into the fabric. Remove any excess blobs of wax before leaving the bag to air dry for a minimum of 24hrs. This allows the wax to fully work its way into the fabric, leaving you with a dry weather proof feel.

LEATHER CARE Our oak bark tanned leather is strong, will become ever more supple, and should last for many years (at least a lifetime if treated with a bit of love every now and then). It can handle a bit of rough treatment too, so don't be afraid to use it well. It's fine in the rain, just make sure that you dry it out well (left ventilated at room temperature to dry naturally for a few hours should do). Most scratches and marks can be buffed out with a soft cloth and some gentle circular rubbing (others may need a little extra help - see conditioning below).

White Patches: The leather we use is packed full of natural fats and waxes that will keep your leather goods soft and supple for a long time. Every now and then (and particularly if not used for a little while) you may see small cloudy patches of white on the surface of the leather. In the leather trade (and often noted as a sign of high quality) this is referred to as bloom - and is simply some of the waxes working their way to the surface of the leather. To remove the white patches, just buff the leather with a soft cloth in a gentle circular motion and the leather will return to its former glorious shine.

Conditioning: Our small leather goods and the leather handles of our bags should benefit from plenty of contact with your hands. The natural oils from our skin are usually enough to naturally condition the leather and over time the leather will darken slightly and develop a beautiful patina. This is all good. However, should the leather start to dry out, or you feel it just needs a bit of a refresh, you can use pure Neatsfoot Oil to recondition the leather (Neatsfoot Oil is an oil derived from the shin bones of cattle which unusually and quite cleverly remains liquid at room temperature). Rub a little into the leather with a clean rag, leave to air dry and buff a little for a rich warm glow. If you have any questions or need a bit more help - just send us an email (sales@yorkshirefox.com) and we'll do our best to help.

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